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Tarieven Clinics
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Clinics for everyone!

for Friends, the family, or

your sportiest colleagues!

Beginner or intermediate level?

You promptly took up your new favorite hobby during the global pandemic; mountain biking, but you do not yet know exactly how shifting or forwarding works. Or maybe you've been cycling for a long time but want to learn something new! You like it, you do a lot by feeling and you have already mastered quite a few skills, we say well done!


But sometimes you have doubts, or you skip parts of the route because they are still too difficult or because you may even be a bit anxious. Fortunately, there are many useful tips and tricks for taking your skills to the next level! At Indoor Mountainbike we always have the perfect conditions and circumstances to get on the bike, 1 on 1 or as a duo.

clinics look like this:

  • Alone or with 2 people

  • With an experienced instructor

  • On a day and time that suits you!

  • Always the best indoor conditions

  • In a series of one or more lessons

  • Optional: rental equipment

Advanced  level?

You already know very well what you are doing and we don't have to explain anything further about looking through the bend, posture on the bike, how your bike actually works and O  Yes...  which  is it your front or rear brake?


And now  are you  ready for next  level mountain biking! You regularly see videos of beautiful bike parks where you encounter the more extreme trails, you are already planning your next holiday in your head! Somewhere in the Alps or maybe Finale Ligure? Oooh, Scotland looks great too....

First of all, get prepared because these bike parks are serious business! At Indoor Mountainbike you will work with one of our instructors on the skills needed to be able to work well abroad or in many bike parks. Drops, north shore, wallrides, jumps, rock gardens, berms and so on, there are plenty of options to train for hours for your next challenge! 


Do you have questions for us? Feel free to ask them by mail

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