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excl. huur mountainbike 

Rental prices

mountainbike + helmet

When purchasing a strippenkaart you will always receive a member discount of 10% on the admission prices at the weekend

Disclaimer: The subscription card is valid on weekdays and not on weekends. Advance reservation is required. The 10% member discount is only valid during the weekend and on presentation of the subscription card. Stamping is done by whole hours, half an hour is not possible. If you would like to use the track for two hours, we will stamp 1.5 strips. A subscription card is personal and non-transferable. A subscription card is valid up to and including 12 months after purchase. Refunds with a ssubscription card are not possible. The holder of the subscription card is responsible for keeping the card, in case of loss or theft you cannot rely on any unused rides.


Valid during the week

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