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Sports therapy

Inside out sports

On Tuesdays and Saturdays you will find care organization Inside Out Sports at Indoor Mountainbike. They train with young people and adults on practical skills that you can use if you are dealing with, for example, ADHD, autism or burnout complaints. 

Inside Out Sports uses our greenhouse, because our indoor route is perfect for training and therapies. So no clinical environment during sports therapy, but a super cool and inspiring location, and that on a mountain bike! The therapists from Inside Out Sports also work between everyone and everything, so a relaxed and above all sporty mood is created when you work together. 

A piece ofInside Out Sports:

"At Inside Out Sports we like to let everyone experience the positive effects of outdoor sports. Even if this is sometimes difficult due to psychological or social-emotional problems. We offer care to young people and adults who can use a helping hand at work, At school and at home, for example, recognizing boundaries, dealing with stress, making contact with others and standing up for yourself. By combining psychomotor therapy (PMT) and guidance with outdoor sports, we improve both physical and mental health!"

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Enthusiastic? Curious?

Check out the website from Inside Out Sports or contact them directly via 

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