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  • Clinic kids | Indoor Mountainbike

    Kidsclinic 2022-2023 What do you think of this: A whole season long, 1.5 hours a week mountain bike lessons, in a cozy group with even more enthusiastic MTB kids! ​ Are you between 6 and 14 years old? And do you have basic cycling skills (so, can you cycle safely to school on the road?) Then from Tuesday 21 September the new kidsclinic season at Indoor Mountainbike takes off! ​ So are you curious how brave you are on a mountain bike, and would you like to learn more about shifting, braking, steering and dodging? Then the Kidsclinic is really something for you, your friend, your sister, nephew or niece... ​ During this Kids Clinic you will work on your MTB skills with our instructors in a group of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 children! Think about it, are there things you are already very good at? And what else do you find exciting? We will work on that together! And even better, it is nice and quiet on the track during the clinic, so plenty of room to practice! Please note: the current groups of Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning are already full and unfortunately it is no longer possible to register. Would you like to be on the waiting list for next season? Then fill in the registration form and you will immediately receive a message as soon as new groups start. Register kids clinic

  • Ready for the most unique children's party | Indoor Mountainbike

    Children's parties How nice! Are you coming to celebrate your party with us? We are already looking forward to giving you and your friends an unforgettable party full of adventure! Availability ​​ Children's parties are available from Wednesday to Friday (not on weekends) A mountain bike party is suitable for children from the age of 8 years old. ​ A party consists of at least 5 participating children ​ You can only reserve a party or take an option if you have the heights of the children at hand. Waiver form Mountain biking is a cool sport! With the necessary and associated risks. We would like to point this out so that you are well informed in advance about what to expect. ​ You can find the waiver form here and fill it in digitally in advance. Do you have questions about the form? Feel free to contact us! Tips! A few handy tips in a row! Keep the heights of the children at hand when booking Are you having trouble with the different sizes of bicycles? Contact us, we are happy to help with puzzling Clothing advice: Wear closed shoes (no slippers!)​ Summer: airy clothing such as a T-shirt In winter: warm clothes and gloves We have free lockers to store all coats and bags (and gifts!) Cycling skills The child:​ Has at least 2 years of cycling experience without training wheels; Can make an emergency stop when the situation calls for it; Also regularly cycles to school, friends or a sports club; Does not display unpredictable behavior, such as standing still or dismounting; No longer needs to be accompanied on foot. Invitations We have super fun invitations ready for you! Have you booked a party? Then you can pick it up at the counter or print the images - via the link below - yourself and put them together. Download the invitations here making a reservation? To reserve a children's party, click on the reservation button on the left bottom this screen. You must choose a bicycle in the right size for all children (including the birthday child) so the number of bicycles is the number of children participating. Make sure you have the height of the children at hand when filling in and don't reserve it on the gamble!

  • Alpacas | Almere | Indoor Mountainbike | Flevoland | Almere

    Alpacas We will be back from our Benidorm holiday from April 29! We have five very special employees! Meet Emperor Kuzco, Yzma, Kronkie, Alita and Tipo. They are mainly concerned with the grazing of our pasture... Currently the Alpacas are hibernating on Benidorm. The alpacas will let you know as soon as they are back! ​​ What's included? For adults and children <14 years. Have lunch between the alpacas at a picnic table ​ Duration: about 2 hours ​ The lunch can be composed of the following items; Yogurt smoothie i n the taste: ​ ​​​ Mad Berries (strawberry) or Tropical Delight (mango). Kids <14 years can choose from a cold drink like; apple juice, orange juice, fristi or chocolate milk. Freshly topped and grilled panini Ham / Gouda cheese or;​ Basil pesto / brie o r; Triple Gouda cheese or; Chorizo / Mozzarella. Sweet delicacy Liège waffle​ of; Sugared donut or; Chocolate muffin. Extra Butter croissant​ Price ​ Adult Child <14 years Child <4 years Child 0-1 years ​ €22.95 €14.95 €3.50 €0.00 Children <4 years ... can choose from a cold drink, snacks such as a bag of chips or a sweet treat can be added extra during the reservation. The picnic can be booked from Wednesday to Sunday between 12:00-16:00. The other days and times we will be having a rest. This way we will be extra well rested and happy when you come by! Book easily via the button at the bottom left of the screen!

  • What is Indoor Mountainbike in Almere | Indoor Mountainbike

    How & What? Curious what a day of Indoor Mountain biking looks like? here you can read everything you want to know before your visit Pre-visit! Yes! You have decided to come by for a sporty and adventurous outing on the mountain bike and a good preparation is half the work. How exactly does a day at Indoor Mountainbike work and what is important to know or arrange in advance? To reserve To ensure that it never gets too busy on the track, we have a reservation system, so it is important to make a reservation. This way you are assured of your spot on the track, and of course a rental bike if you need one. You can easily make a reservation on a day and time that suits you, arrangements, single tickets and rental equipment can all be reserved via the colored button at the bottom left of this screen. ​ E-Tickets Hurrah! You have made a reservation, so you will immediately receive the e-tickets after completion on your email address. For most items, payment always takes place at the venue ( with the exception of gift cards and alpaca picnic s). With these tickets you can register and pay at the counter , we will know exactly what has been reserved for you and ensure that you are on your bike swiftly! ​ Participant form When registering at the desk, you will also always be asked for confirmation of completing the 'waiver form'. Information about this waiver form can also be found in the e-tickets, of course we are happy to inform you about this step-by-step, what it 's for and how it works. The entry form is at your own risk s tatement, in which we point out the risks that are inextricably linked to mountain biking. Because although this sport provides a big adrenaline rush, unfortunately it is not entirely without risk. We therefore ask you to fill in and read this form seriously and carefully. This way we ensure you have been well informed about the risks in advance! In the participant form you will be pointed out, among other things; the house rules; route regulations; possible and common injuries/injuries and what responsibilities you bear. The participant form is a digital form, each adult participant must complete the form once yearly - for themselves and any children <18 he/she brings with him. A completed waiver form is valid for a whole calendar year (until December 31). Personal data that is collected is never saved or used for secondary purposes. At the end of each calendar year (after 31 December) all this data will be deleted and you can fill in a new participant form again in a new year. find the entry form here Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. First visit! Right. Reservation check ✔, Participant form check ✔, Registration check ✔ what now? When you come by for the first time, we provide an extensive safety instruction. A number of things about the route, the signage, and the rules are explained. We do this on the basis of the roadmap, an overview of the signs and, of course, we highlight important warnings and current events. Have you rented a bicycle? Then we will of course adjust it for you, and you will also receive an explanation about the bike, so that you can get on the route fully prepared! Pause If you have booked an entrance ticket for two hours, we naturally do not expect you to keep this up non-stop! You can of course take a break and rest in between. You can decide to leave the track at any time during the end of each round. You can take a break in our cozy catering facility while enjoying a hot chocolate, a cup of coffee or a fresh panini! Prefer a short break in between? Along the route you will find a number of picnic benches, where you also have every opportunity to catch your breath. FIRST AID Mountain biking is not a sport without risks! That is why we ensure that experienced first aiders are always present on site. Our employees receive additional training every year and there is also an in-house physiotherapist (np), first aid kits are available in several places on and/or near the location, as well as emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers or an AED. With these resources and knowledge, we ensure that you are in capable hands should an accident occur.

  • Mountain bike parcours | Indoor Mountainbike | Flevoland | Almere |

    MTB - Route Almere The MTB route offer in Almere You may not immediately expect it, but in Almere you can enjoy extensive mountain biking. You will find our indoor bike park in Almere Buiten with a total of 4 kilometers of roofed in MTB route. In addition, there are 4 outdoor routes in Almere that totals 35 kilometers. Perfect to combine on a sunny day or if you fancy an extra mileage. Do you like to take on the technical challenge, or are the weather conditions less good? Then our indoor bike park is of course the place to be! In our indoor mountain bike park you will find much more than just cool trails, such as; delicious food Always fresh and homemade items on the menu Every Friday evening extra long entrance in combination with a delicious BBQ Complete parties and team outings with a festive meal Clinics Clinics for every level Alone or in a nice group Endless practice on mountain bike technique Always perfect weather and route conditions Ideal! The route conditions are always perfect No own mountain bike required Mountain bike experience not necessary Always basic instruction and supervision along the route Bike service Mountain bike repairs, maintenance and upgrades Adjust suspension Advice on purchasing a mountain bike Team events Everything for team events in one place No own material required Suitable for the whole team, from the sportiest colleague to the novice. Additional benefits Exclusive TTF's that you will not find anywhere else in NL The route is illuminated at night in winter! Extra advantageous rates with the stamp card First aid is always ready if needed Would you like to explore the outdoor routes? At Indoor Mountain Bike, purchase the vignette for the outdoor MTB route Almere. Become a Free member of our Indoor MTB crew! Are you already a fan of our bike park? We are happy to keep you informed about the ins and outs of our bike park, the mtb route Almere and the Flevoland region. Register here as an Indoor MTB Crew member and be one of the first to receive access to cool extras such as; exclusive crew days Pre-registration limited Theme clinics promotions & offers And more! Subscribe to the newsletter! E-mail join Thank you for your registration