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Mountainbike Parcours

A super cool mountain bike course, and that indoor!

Plattegrond Indoor Mountainbike 2021-2022 (met Velosolutions pumptrack en DD Airbags landings)

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The mountain bike trails

In total there is 4 km of indoor mountain bikingThe course has been created to let yourself go! The mountain bike route is suitable for young and old and is safe and challenging from beginner to very experienced mountain biker. The route is made up of clay soil and formed in berms and hills. You will also find on the route; wooden passages, rock passages and more really cool TTFs "technical trail features".

The mountain bike course is divided into three levels;


The main route is blue, everyone with basic cycling skills - can take this route without too many difficult moments. You can decide while cycling whether you want to try parts of red or black, these more difficult lines split off from the main route and always return to a blue route. Don't worry, you won't just end up on a red or black route, these are clearly indicated with striking route signs!


The perfect line to warm up and become familiar with the bike. This route is very suitable for beginners and children! Expect small obstacles, smooth cornering, potholes and bridges on this line. 



Can you handle some more? And is speed no problem for you? Then the red route is very nice to test and improve your skills. This route has more height difference than the blue route, such as short climbs and steeper descents. There are also various obstacles where you can start jumping technique.



This line is for the real daredevil and only for experienced mountain bikers. Features of this route are; higher jumps, wall rides, rocks, narrow passages, skinny's, north shore and drops at greater height and more terrain variety. Choose this route alone if you're sure of your skills, you can also follow a clinic at Indoor Mountainbike to gain more experience and skills so that you too can cycle the black line flawlessly!

outdoor extra's

Have you also seen our outdoor features? When the weather is dry, you can also indulge your mountain bike heart outside! Check out the 200 meter long Velosolutions Pumptrack. On this course you defy the extremely sharp banked turns and hills, and you can keep improving your 'Personal Record', speed is your greatest friend and enemy here! Did you know that you can also rent special bikes for the pump track? This so-called 'Dirt Jump Bike' is available to book in advance. 



Or would you like to put your flying skills to the test? With the two airbags we have an absolute must try in the Summer. Both airbags are made in the form of a landing, which is super handy, because that way you learn to land your jump or drop-off properly, without annoying consequences such as a faceplant in the sand or uncontrolled crashes. Would you like some more explanation of the airbags or the pump track? Then book a mountain bike clinic with one of our instructors! Want to be sure that the airbags are available during your visit? Please contact us in advance.

Bike Park Features

  • >4 km indoor trail

  • Suspension bridge

  • Waterfall with river

  • Rockslab

  • licorice 30 cm 

  • Drop 30 cm (skinny)

  • Drop 40 cm (skinny)

  • licorice 60 cm

  • jump line

  • Airbag jump (outdoor)

  • Northshore 

  • table jump

  • wall ride

  • see-saw

  • Velosolutions pump track
    200m (outdoor)

  • Rockgarden (red/black)

  • Skinnies (red/black)

  • Stairs

  • Bends


It is possible to rent a mountain bike from us! Your own mountain bike may also be used on the route, but must be clean, technically complete, intended for off-road riding and equipped with brakes. E-bikes (limited to 25 km/h) are also allowed at Indoor Mountainbike.


Wearing a helmet is mandatory, other protective clothing is recommended.


Click here for the entrance and rental rates.

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