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Kidsclinic 2022-2023

What do you think of this:

A whole season long, 1.5 hours a week mountain bike lessons,

in a cozy group with even more enthusiastic MTB kids!

Are you between 6 and 14 years old? And do you have basic cycling skills (so, can you safely cycle to school on the road?) Then pay attention, because from September 2023 new groups for mountain bike lessons are starting Indoor Mountain Bike! The groups will be divided into levels; beginners; intermediate and advanced.

So are you curious how brave you are on the mountain bike, and would you like to learn more about shifting, braking, steering and dodging? Then the Kids Clinic is really something for you, your friend, your sister, nephew or great niece...

During this Kids Clinic you will work in a group of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 children with our instructors on your skills on the MTB! Just think about it, are there things you are already very good at? And what else do you find exciting? We'll work on that together! 

Please note: the current groups of Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning are already full and unfortunately it is no longer possible to register.

Would you like to be on the waiting list for next season 23-24? Then fill in the registration form and you will immediately receive a message as soon as new groups start.

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