We have five very special employees! Meet Keizer Kuzco, Yzma, Kronkie, Alita and Tipo. They are mainly concerned with keeping our pasture short ...


These alpacas love to take a walk and walk with you through the meadow on a leash. Would you also like to meet them and do a fun activity with them? Please make a reservation in advance!

Alpacas, you know ...

those mega soft creatures


Feed & Greet € 5.95 pp

Get to know the alpacas up close and learn all about them during the Feed & Greet. You sit down with a treat in the meadow while they curiously come up to you and gently nibble from your hand. The Feed & Greet moment lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes 1 drink (coffee, tea or soft drink).

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Alpaca Picnic € 9.95 pp

The weather will be fantastic in the coming period and the summer days are coming again. Our alpacas could use some company during these times!

Would you like to chill out in the meadow with them? If you bring a large bath towel and a good book, we will prepare a picnic basket for you with a delicious drink and a tasty snack. You can sit in the meadow with your own company for 1.5 hours, so there are no other visitors present!

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Alpaca walk € 12.50 pp

The alpacas like to walk with you to stretch their legs, they like it when it is not too busy so we walk with a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8 people. 2 people are assigned per alpaca. The walk takes about 20 minutes and includes 1 drink (coffee, tea or soft drink).

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Alpaca walk + high tea € 24.95 pp

Would like to combine an afternoon out with a tasty high tea, take a pleasant walk with the alpacas, after which a delicious high tea buffet will satisfy your hearty appetite. Between these mega-fluffy alpacas you will have an unforgettable day with friends or family!

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All arrangements must be booked in advance, you can do this by emailing reserveren@indoormountainbike.nl

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