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Alpaca Indoor Mountainbike

We're back! Would you like to join us for lunch?

We have five very special employees! Meet Emperor Kuzco, Yzma, Kronkie, Alita and Tipo.  They are mainly concerned with the grazing of our pasture...


Currently the Alpacas are hibernating on Benidorm. The alpacas will let you know as soon as they are back!​​

Herd of alpacas

What's included?

For adults and children <14 years.
Have lunch between the alpacas at a picnic table

Duration: about 2 hours

The lunch can be composed of the following items;

  • Yogurt smoothie in the taste:​​​

    • Mad Berries (strawberry) or
    • Tropical Delight (mango).
      Kids <14 years can choose from a cold drink
      like; apple juice, orange juice, fristi or chocolate milk.

  • Freshly topped and grilled panini

    • Ham / Gouda cheese or;​

    • Basil pesto / brie or;

    • Triple Gouda cheese or;

    • Chorizo / Mozzarella.

  • Sweet delicacy

    • Liège waffle​ of;

    • Sugared donut or;

    • Chocolate muffin.

  • Extra

    • Butter croissant​



Child <14 years  

Child <4 years  

Child 0-1 years 





Keizer Kuzco alpaca suri

Children <4 years

... can choose from a cold drink, snacks such as a bag of chips or a sweet treat can be added extra during the reservation.

The picnic can be booked from Wednesday to Sunday between 12:00-16:00.

The other days and times we will be having a rest.

This way we will be extra well rested and happy when you come by!

Book easily via the button at the bottom left of the screen!

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